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CE Inspection

Behind the picture of CE marking is a world of certainty. Safety and protection for manufacturer, dealer and consumer. Of course, CE testing is mandatory to sell a yacht within the EU. But have you looked at this obligation from a different angle?

MED Inspection

SOLAS stands for safeguarding people’s lives at sea. International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) is an international treaty established in 1914. The occasion was the Titanic disaster of 1912.

Product testing

DCI conducts tests on products to determine compliance with applicable CE and MED requirements. ISO standards can be used to demonstrate and/or prove the safety status of a product.


Dinghies are an important means of rescuing persons who have entered the water. To use a boat as an inland navigation dinghy, a boat must be certified according to the NEN-EN 1914:2016 standard. This standard defines all the requirements and tests that a dinghy must meet and what tests must be performed to prove it.

Workshop inspection

As a key element of quality control, workshop inspection help you to verify manufacturing process, ensure the applicable national and international standards are complied with. Our experienced experts provide workshop inspection services on manufacturing processes to ensure the intended quality and avoid disputes later on

Project monitoring service

With different expressions and different contractors involved, monitoring projects can be difficult. Our experts support you with integrated supervision of planning, purchasing, on-site production and budget monitoring.


Large scale projects and purchasing can involve complex supply chain along with numerous international suppliers Our professionals ensure your products are compliant, free with defects and to be shipped on contracted dates.


Consumer Goods Inspections

DCI inspection team is dedicated to meeting the evolving demands of Chinese quality manufacturing and overseas customer purchasing.

Factory Quality Audit

DCI can monitor your entire manufacturing process – from sourcing the right supplier through final delivery of finished product.