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Project monitoring service

With different expressions and different contractors involved, monitoring projects can be difficult. Our experts support you with integrated supervision of planning, purchasing, on-site production and budget monitoring.

Why use project monitoring service from DCI?
We understand that every project is distinct, our integrated approach can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Our project monitoring services enable you to,
  • Monitor phrases with updated report and ensure your project been completed within contractual time and budget
  • Ensure international requirements and other applicable standards are complied with through your project
  • Address potential problems via instant communication and regular report, avoid system delay and unplanned maintenance
  • Our project monitoring service include,
  • Dedicated project coordination and monitoring
  • Comprehensive consultancy during your entire project
  • Permanent milestone monitoring
  • Quality assurance and quality control inspections
  • Supervision of acceptance tests at production and/or procurement
  • Loading and unloading inspections
  • Detailed reporting and photo documentation
  • The Standard For Progress