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Factory quality Audit

DCI can monitor your entire manufacturing process – from sourcing the right supplier through final delivery of finished product. With auditors located around the world, with particular concentration in Asia, we’re able to provide extensive coverage in China, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Our global locations and accreditations provide you with peace of mind and assurance that your products are the quality you expect and demand.

The purpose of FQA is to assess and evaluate the operation of suppliers so as to ensure client’s quality specification is thoroughly understood and effectively implemented.

  • Audit Scope
  • Capacity and capabilities
  • Facilities & equipment
  • Product range
  • Manufacturing process
  • Quality control system
  • Raw material management
  • Semi-finished and finished product management
  • Working condition, etc.

Our expediting service include,

  • Coordination with suppliers
  • Undergo status assessment of project
  • Monitor the dispatch of materials
  • Verify vendor competency
  • Reporting
  • Offer solutions/proposals

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