Profile Dutch Certification Institute

Dutch Certification Institute (NKIP Classification B.V.) is an official Notified Body licensed to issue CE Certificates in relation to the Recreational Craft Directive.

Being a Notified Body located in The Netherlands, our worldwide operations are being monitored, audited and licensed by the Authority “Raad voor Accreditatie (Dutch Accredition Council), appointed by the Dutch Government.

Our professional surveyors examine, inspect and test:

  • recreational crafts for shipyards
  • partly completed recreational crafts
  • recreational crafts for private individuals
  • personal watercrafts (e.g. waterscooters) for manufacturers
  • personal water crafts (e.g. waterscooters) for private individuals
  • partly completed personal watercrafts
  • used watercrafts
  • watercrafts with or without inboard, outboard or stern drive engines,
  • components of watercrafts like port lights, fuel tanks, hydraulic steering-gears, insulating material, fuel hoses for example
  • ship’s boats for inland navigation vessels
  • exhaust emissions and noise emissions for propulsion engines, specifically intended for installation on or in a watercraft
  • fast rescue boats inflated
  • fast rigid rescue boats (RIB)
  • propulsion engines for life- and rescue boats
  • propulsion outboard motor for life- and rescue boats

DCI stands for:

  • communicates openly with a sense for commercial interests
  • maintains an high professional standard
  • guarantees continuity by a worldwide web
  • provides qualitatively high-graded staff
  • offers the right cost-quality proportion
  • stands for integrity and sincerity
  • works independently and objectively
  • works according to national and international standards
  • follows the universal legal rules

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