Profile Dutch Certification Institute

Leading in experience

The experts of DCI test and certificate products, persons and processes.

What does DCI?

  • tests newly built yachts
  • controls ship’s parts like port lights, fuel tanks, hydraulic steering-gears, insulating material, fuel hoses
  • tests in own management on ISO standards
  • supplies certificates of examination to sailing passenger ships
  • tests and certificates work-, ship’s- and life boats for inland shipping
  • certificates persons in various lines of business.
  • tests products

Leading in integrity

DCI stands for:

  • communicates openly with a sense for commercial interests
  • maintains an high professional standard
  • guarantees continuity by a worldwide web
  • provides qualitatively high-graded staff
  • offers the right cost-quality proportion
  • stands for integrity and sincerity
  • works independently and objectively
  • works according to national and international standards
  • follows the universal legal rules

DCI, certification with added value!

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